Soap Making Pot

by Evone
(Show Low, AZ )

Why do you have to use steel pots?

I have one of those large blue and white speckled pot and was all prepared to use it when I read on and it said I had to use steel.

I don't have a steel pot and don't want to buy one if you tell me this pot is okay.

Please get back to me asap I am itchen to get started:)


Soap making is a chemical process and sodium hydroxide (lye) reacts with different substances. Stainless steel is safe to use as it doesn't react to the lye.

The blue/black speckled pots are ceramic coated metal that can chip and often has pits in it that the lye can penetrate.

I personally wouldn't use one for soap making.

Don't despair though...a plastic pail would work just fine and can usually be found for free or very cheap.

Good luck,

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Plastic Pails and lye
by: Cathy

Thanks for the information Anonymous...could you send a link to your source about plastic reacting with lye, it would be beneficial to our readers.

I myself have never heard of plastic reacting with the lye...seems strange since that is what it is packaged in for resale.

Not to mention a plastic contain is the most recommended container to mix the lye solution in.

As for not being able to take the heat...a sturdy pail would be just fine. You wouldn't want to use a thin disposable type container.


by: Anonymous

Plastic that is heated can release BPA into whatever is contained within... if you're going to use plastic be sure that it is BPA free. If you are unaware of the dangers of BPA, do a little research, there is a wealth of information right here on the internet.

Enamel vs. plastic
by: Anonymous

I dunno, I'd use an enameled pot long before I'd use a random plastic. Some plastics react with lye, or can't take the heat, or both.

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