Soap Liner

by Marian Butler
(RR#1 Paris, Ontario)

Just wondering if there was something hard that you can line the soap box with instead of the butchers paper. Like a hard plastic that can with stand heat...Possibly silcone as I have seen silcone moulds. This way it saves time and money. Thanks My e-mail is I am from St.George, Ont. Any place you can recomond to take courses on Cold Process Soap Making near by.


I have heard that some people use craft foam to line their mold but I haven't done it.

My method is to use the butchers paper and after each batch I carefully remove it, give it a gentle wipe down and use it for one or two more batches, depending on how well the paper is holding up.

As for classes, hopefully one of our readers will know of one for you.


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