Soap full of mold

by Carina

I'm Carina from Portugal. I love your site.

I´ve tried my first recipe on 2 january, but now my soap is full of mold. I didn't use any kind of preservatives.
Could you please help me?
Could you also suggest me the best way of testing the PH of my soaps, to ensure I keep the value accurate?

Best Regards



I honestly don't know what to say....I've never, ever seen soap with mold in it!! Are you sure it is mold? Usually when handmade soap goes 'off' it gets yellow/brown/orange spots and has a spoiled oil scent to it.

The only time I know that soaps have gone moldy is when the soap maker uses items like chunks of fruits and vegetables in their recipe. I would also imagine a soap could go moldy if you used too much liquified fruits and vegetables in the recipe.

All I can suggest is that you make sure that the ingredients you are using are fresh and that your recipe is correct.

You said that you are new to soap making...was your recipe a plain and simple one or was it one that contains colour, plant matter, scents, etc.?

Keeping the recipes simple while you are learning is important. That way you get the feel for the process before complicating it with the 'goodies'.

If you are worried about the pH levels of your soap, I would suggest getting a pH meter. These are available at some soap making suppliers or from scientific supply houses.

Good luck,

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Ginger soap covered in green mold...
by: ChevyGirl

I just discovered my batch of fresh ginger soap is covered on green mold after being fine for 3 wks. I believe the cause was how much juice/pulp I added in relation to the lye/ water ratio. The mold even spread over to another batch of oatmeal soap. The mold is mainly on the surface w a few dark pinpoints. I'm assuming it's a total loss, cause it's not safe to use it it?

mouldy soap
by: Anonymous

My friend who made soap using just soap-base, essential oils/skin-friendly fragrances and colours also had problems with soap going mouldy. I would suggest using a soap dish that has a grill and holds the soap out of water when it is in use. Perhaps, if you are storing it, use a small space desiccant in the box?

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