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by Carole

Hi There,

I have just been employed by a soap making factory to be a consult for them to help them with little problems they are experiencing. The problem is I am not too sure how I can help them as I make cp soap in my kitchen and they make soap to sell in stores using a soap making machine which only takes minutes to do.

These are my first set of problems to solve:

* When the bars of soap get used, some of them start to get cracks in the soap and the company does not want this to happen?

* When you open the soap it smells fantastic but the smell soon disappears?

* Their soap gets soap ash on the surface of the soap. The soap is left out max 3 hours before being packaged and uncovered.

Any help is much appreciated.


I too make soap on a small scale and do not have any knowledge concerning large scale soap making.

I will try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge.

Not sure how to stop the cracks occuring in soap that has been used...many soaps will develop cracks if they are left to dry out considerably between uses. They will need to change up their formula to make the soap more flexible and less brittle.

Too help soap retain its scent longer try using a fixative. Here is a quote from my Essential Oils page.

Benzoin powder or e/o (e/o = essential oil), orris root powder, frankincense e/o, patchouli e/o, oakmoss e/o, cedarwood e/o, myrrh e/o, ylang ylang e/o, vetiver e/o, copaiba balsam e/o and kaolin clay are all examples of fixatives that can be used in soapmaking.

Soda ash often developes on soap. When it developes on cut bars it could mean the soap is being cut too soon. My soaps will get soda ash on the top surface sometimes but never on the sides. I do let the soap cool completely before cutting it into bars.

Perhaps they are also packaging it too soon? Soap needs to lose moisture while it cures and I believe that soda ash is a result of moisture settling back on the soap during the insulation and first few hours of the curing process(I have no documentation on this...just my observations).

I would suggest allowing the soap to air dry for longer before cutting and packaging it up.

Hope some of this is helpful,

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by: Susanne

Simone, I thought Cathy answered very well and tried to be helpful. Rather than criticise why don't you impart some of your 30 years of experience in soap making instead of being negative! As for Sparkles comment, I too see it as dubious. My suspicious nature thinks Carol who has supposedly been employed is the one who has started out in a professional capacity before perfecting the production!

Questionable at best
by: sparkle

Cathy, you did well answering the questions but my curiosity is aroused as to why people who have not perfected their recipe, done research etc are already producing soap on large scale and seeking consultation?

It all sounds dubious to me...

30 years making soaps
by: simone

why answer if you dont know ??the person here is asking and any answers without a sound solution is just weird...please have the correct answers before posting...



When I am asked a direct question I think it would be rude to ignore it.

I have never and will never claim to have all the answers but since this is my site, I feel it is important to answer every question to the best of my ability and leave the question for others to add their knowledge.

Please remember that this is not a Forum. It is a place for my readers to ask questions without being criticized or made to feel inadequate.

If you have something positive to add please feel free to do so. I'm sure many people could benefit from your 30 years of soap making knowledge.


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