Soap designs for hot process soap making?

by Anonymous

I make hot process soap and have been looking for tutorials on how to do different types of designs with my soap like swirling, polka dots, layering, etc. But I can't find ANYTHING showing me how to do it! Is there a site that can explain the steps???


Unfortunately, I don't know of any sites that have tutorials on soap designs for hot process soap making.

The extremely thick nature of hot process soap makes it harder to achieve a lot of the designs that are possible with cold process soap making.

In order to get a 'layer/swirled' effect, you could try making 2 small batches and spooning them into the soap mold, alternating colours with each small spoonful.

Polka dots could be achieved by randomly stuffing small premade soap balls into the soap while you are filling the soap mold with the hot process soap base. You could also do this with square chunks.

It will take some experimentation to get your techniques just right. You might need to oven process the molded soap for a bit to get better adhesion between the different layers/colours, etc.

Good luck and remember to take lots of notes when experimenting.


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