Soap decorated with photo/picture

by Mariann

I have seen soaps with pictures/photos on the top surface.e.g. animals, people etc.

What type of paper could they be made off and how would they be fixed permanently?

The one I bought is just getting smaller from underneath and the photo is still on it.

Any suggestions are really appreciated.



Adding pictures to soap isn't something I have done but after a quick search I found this link for Soap Decals that may be what you would need.

I have also read that there are a few different methods used for attaching pictures. Some mentioned using wax by painting it on to attach and seal the picture while others mentioned using decoupage glue or a clear acrylic spray.

That is the extent of my knowledge on adding pictures to soap, sorry...I wish I had more for you.

Good luck,

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Go Planet Earth
by: Anne

Try they have soap decal paper that works very well and does not need to be sealed - just soak in water, transfer to your soap and you're done!

water soluble paper
by: Donna

I've never tried if, but Soap Queen has a tutorial for using water soluble paper with M&P here:

Using Water Soluble Paper

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