Soap Darkrning in Mold

by K

My my friend and I just started making soap. We acquired some wooden molds and proceeded to make our soap. We used a recipe that we had previous success with. When we placed it in our mold which measured 2.75 x 3.5 x 16, it turned dark in the middle and spread throughout the batch. It also cracked down the middle with what appeared to be excess liquid leaching out of the crack. Everything seemed to be perfect until we poured it into the mold. It was made with the room temperature method. Any ideas on what may have happened? I have tried to find the answers online and can't seem to find anything definite. Thanks- K B


It sounds like the soap overheated. When soap goes through the gel phase it will darken and take on a vaseline like look. If the soap becomes too hot it will crack and may develop a cavern like middle. The soap can also seperate which can result in the leaching liquid you have described.

Take a look at what ingredients you used that might cause overheating.


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