Soap Curls/Marbling

by Angela
(East Texas)

1. I used soap curls in a soap recipe but the soap didn't get inside the curls and left gaps of air inside. How do I prevent this in the future?

2. I followed the recommended instructions on how to pour colored soap into a soap mold (by pouring it from a distance) to marbelize it, but the soap only went about 1/2 inch deep. How can I get it to go deeper? I poured it just before it traced but it still seemed too thick to marbelize. How do I prevent these problems in the future?


1. When pouring soap into soap curls you need to pour when the soap is still a medium to light trace.

Once you have poured all the soap batter, pick up the soap mold and give it a good tap on the table/counter to knock down the soap batter. Be sure to wear safety equipment since the soap batter can sometimes splatter.

2. For marbling try pouring at a lighter trace and pouring from a higher distance. Then use your spatula to drag the soap further down and around.

Good luck,

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