Soap beveller

by Deb
(Oakland, OR)

Hi, I came across a blog about a homemade soap beveller where you asked the maker, Inodoro Pereyra, if you could post his creation on your website.

His directions for how to make one are still there, but the pictures are noted as 'moved or deleted' and are not there.

Do you know how I could contact him, or did he give you permission to post?

BTW, your soap designs are wonderful!

Deb Ezzati
Morning's Glory Farm
Oakland, OR


I did get permission to post the entry from "The Soap Making Forum" from him (he said his name is actually Bernardo).

I copied down the information and pictures and then put them into a Word document to use later.

Unfortunately when I went to use them the pictures wouldn't copy properly so I couldn't turn them into a web page!!

Of course I neglected to get his contact information and he had since left the forum.

If you like, you can use the contact form to send me your email address and I can send you the Word document I made from his post.


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