Small oil ring in middle of soap

by Anonymous

I just made my first batch of soap and put it in pvc pipe as a mold. Near the top upper half of the 12 in tube as cutting I noticed a ring of oil or something about the size of a string and big around as a half dollar. The batch thickened extremely quickly and it was like I was almost scooping up thick mud by the end. Any ideas what the ring is? It is not a solid circle like the center was gelled and the rest not...just a small string circle. Also there were a few air bubbles in a few pieces...Is my batch bad?


Air bubbles, I wouldn't worry about. Especially since you were putting the soap in the mold in such a thick state.

Unfortunately I have no idea what the 'string circle' is you are describing. If you could upload a picture I may be able to help better.


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