Shrink wrapper for soap

by Rebecca

I am looking for a good shrink wrap for my soaps. I want something that give a bit of protection but allows the smell to come through - can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you.


Hi Rebecca,

Do a search for 'packaging suppliers'....lots of hits come up. I found quite a few places that sell the equipment and film for shrink wrapping.

One note on packaging handmade soaps....while melt and pour soap is best wrapped in shrink film, cold process soaps are not.

Cold process soap benefits by being wrapped in paper. It allows the soap to still breathe and lose excess moisture. Moisture that would otherwise be trapped in the shrink film and can cause the soap to deteriorate faster.

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Biolefin™ and other shrink films
by: Art Marko

Biolefin™ biodegradable shrink film is available at, as are many other varieties of shrink film.
Just a quick note:All polyolefins allow the scent of the soap through, whether perforated or not!
We originally perforated our films for the benefit of our many Goat's Milk soapers, whose bars need to "breathe". The only real advantage over standard film the perforated film offers is that we get to avoid the pillowing effect, when air wrapped along side your bar gets trapped in the package and causes it to puff up (a simple squeeze while shrinking the bar easily resolves that minor issue!

Shrink wrap for both M&P and CP
by: Anonymous

I've used shrink wrap for both M&P and CP and never had a problem with either. With M&P the soap tends to shrink a bit but I just zap it with my heat gun. It's always worked well for me.

Where to buy shrink wrap?
by: Heather

Heavenly Soaps, where do you buy this bio-degradeable shrink wrap. I would try using something like that!

Where can I buy shrink wrap?
by: Rebecca

Thanks for the comments - can you tell me were you buy your perforated polyolefin shrink wrap?

Shrink Wrap
by: Barbara

True! Not a good idea to shrink wrap cold process, but if it's Melt and Pour (Glycerin) soap, you might want to check out U-Line (search Shrink Wrapping Machine) or Soap Equipment at Not a cheap item!

Economically speaking, if you are doing M&P, try some simple Saran Wrap. Let your bars breathe about 1 hour after demolding and then cut to size, trim off excess and stretch the film over the soap tightly.

Use a blow dryer when you tuck the side seams to the back of the soap. Don't get too close or you'll make a hole in the film and melt your soap. It can be done beautifully with just a little patience.

Hope this helps!

Shrink Wrap
by: Heavenly Scent Soaps

I found a nice poly-olefin shrink wrap that is perforated and allows the soap to breath. It also allows customers to smell the soap through the wrap.

I have had good luck with it - both with M&P and Cold Process.

They now have a perforated "bio-lyfin" that is biodegradable and more friendly for land fills.

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