Should soap still be warm after stirring for 45 minutes?

by Jeane

I have just made my first batch of soap and frankly do not have high hopes for it.

All the videos I have watched show people stirring and stirring and finally reaching trace. Then they pour into molds and wrap to hold in the heat. What heat?

After stirring, the batch was at room temperature when I poured into molds. I know that a stick blender would help and I will get one. Meanwhile, How do I keep the batch warm while I stir for so long? And really, does it matter?
Thanks, Jeane


As long as you stirred until the soap reached a full trace before you poured there should be no problem.

The heat that is being referred to is the heat generated by the chemical reaction that occurs. Often the heating up doesn't really kick in until the soap is wrapped up and laid to rest.

Very often my soap base is just above room temperature by the time I pour it...especially if I am doing a design that requires mutliple colours.

Once the chemical reaction really kicks in, your soap will get very hot and become translucent and very gel like (looks like vaseline). This is called the gel phase. Once the soap cools back down it will become opaque and solid.

I would recommend at least using a stainless steel whisk for stirring until you can get a stick blender. This will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for the soap to reach a trace.

Good luck,

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Did it work??
by: Handmade Bubbles

Just wondering - did it work??!

I was convinced my first batch was going to be a disaster, as like you I didn't use a stick blender, just a whisk ... and it took AGES to trace! However, after insulating, it turned out ok. I would highly recommend getting a stick blender though, you will find it so much easier!

All the best!

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