Shea Butter, Coconut Milk Soap

by Rose
(Springville - UT-USA)

I made this recipe and I changed something and added :

I put 10.7 oz olive oil instead 12.7oz and added 2 oz calendula oil.

The look was so great. Turned like marble and I was so happy with that. But was impossible unmold, then I put in freezer for 1/2 hour, 1, 2, 3 hours and nothing cames off. I put on frezzer for 1 day, 2, 3 days and nothing cames off. Then I decided use the hair dryer and finally comes off, but the looks like terrible.

I need to rebatch this recipe, but I dont'know what I do, what essential oil I can use. If I make CP or HP. I would like dont loose this batch.

If you can help me, I really appreciate that! The recipe is below, but observe I changed something in this recipe. Thank you!

Base Ingredients Grams Ounces Percentage
Shea Butter 135 gr. 4.8 oz. 15%
Coconut Oil 180 gr. 6.35 oz. 20%
Olive Oil 360 gr. 12.7 oz. 40%
Castor Oil 90 gr. 3.175 oz. 10%
Palm Oil** 135 gr. 4.8 oz. 15%
Distilled Water 200 gr. 7.05 oz.
Coconut Milk 97 gr. 3.42 oz.
Lye 123.2 gr. 4.34 oz.
Water as % of Oils = 33
Super Fat/Discount = 5%

Optional Additives Measurement
Calendula Flower Petals (ground finely) 1 tsp. (5 ml)


What type of oil was the calendula oil made with and did you run the recipe through a lye calculator after?

If the calendula oil was not made with olive oil, this will change the amount of lye needed in the recipe.

What type of soap mold are you using? Most soap molds require some sort of lining unless they are specialty ones or are flexible silicone types.

Without knowing what went wrong it's hard to recommend how to proceed.

If it's simply a matter of the soap becoming mangled in the attempt to remove it then rebatching is a good option.

Using it as bits in another soap base or doing a complete rebatch are your choices.

If the soap didn't work and is still too soft, I wouldn't try to rebatch since you won't know what needs to be fixed.

Hope that helps,

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Beautiful soap
by: Carol

I have tried this recipe, and I just love it.
I want to try a batch by taking out the calandular petals, and adding some rose petal and also some rose scented oil.
Will I have to recalculate the lye.

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