Shampoo PH

by Suzanne Fields

What is the proper PH for hot process shampoo? I added hydrolized silk and it looks like it is about an 8.5 is that ok. This is my first time.


Are you asking about liquid soap making or solid shampoo bars? For shampoo bars that sounds fine since handmade soap bars typically have a pH of around 7 - 10 though most often closer to the 10 than the 7.

Since my knowledge of soap making is more to the solid form rather than liquid, I grabbed Catherine Failors book on "Making Natural Liquid Soaps". She mentions that 9.5 to 10 for a pH level of liquid soap is normal.

Check out her book, especially page 14 where she talks about using phenolphthalein to determine the alkalinity or acidity of liquid soap.


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Still learning
by: Tx

The shampoo is a liquid. Where do I purchase this testing material?


From a soap making supplier.

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