Sensitive Nana

by Ashley M.
(Langley BC)

Hey there, I was just wondering what soap recipes are good for those with sensitivity to perfumes and so on? My Nana has a hard time with soaps as she is really sensitive so I thought maybe I would try my hand at attempting to make some soaps for her... maybe I will find a hidden liking.


For sensitive skin, it is best to avoid using ingredients that the person is sensitive too.

Many people find soaps that are high in olive oil and low in coconut or palm oil to be gentler on the skin.

When making soap for your Nana, I would omit using scent and colour until you find a soap formula her skin likes.

Once you find a recipe that works for your Nana, try small patch tests on her skin with essential oils (diluted with a carrier oil) that are suitable for sensitive skin. When you find an essential oil that doesn't react with her skin, you can incorporate it into the soap.

Good luck,

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