Sending soap through the mail

by Jodi

I am new to soap making but would like to send some soaps out. How do you wrap it? How long should it cure before you can send it? Can it be too hot or humid to send it through the mail? Soft or hard soaps...which send better? Sorry if this is too many questions.


Soft soap or hard soap....either are fine to send in the mail.

The key is how you package and wrap them.

For hard soaps, I've sent them wrapped in paper labels, some bubblewrap for protection and then a box or kraft paper.

Soft soap must first be packaged in a container. Recyclable plastic jars are great. Then just wrap them in some bubble wrap and place them in a box.

As for curing...the soap should be fully cured before you send it.

Too hot or humid? Yes, this can be an issue especially for melt and pour soaps. They can lose their shape a bit in transit if the heat is really high. Cold process soaps seem to fair better but they too don't like to be in those conditions for extended times, either.

During extreme heat waves it might be a good idea to delay sending until the weather is a bit better (make sure to inform your customer) or to pay for a faster postal option.

Hope that helps some,

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