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by Jennifer

My question is regarding getting into business making soap. I am at least a year away from opening an online store to sell CP process soap.

However, when I do, what is your opinion on how many different recipes should I offer? I have currently close to 30-40 recipes that I could make in various categories from babies, to men soaps to wild and crazy designs to simple and pure (no added scent or color).

I don't want to get in over my head as CP soap takes so long to cure and I do have a day job, but on the other hand I also want my customers to have a variety of different soaps to choose from as. What is your recommendation?

Thank you very much!


You will likely find that having that large of a stock to be to much to start. Don't forget that your soap will have a shelf life and if sales are not strong and steady, the soap may loose some of it's appeal or go off before it is sold.

Do a bit of research with family and friends (as many people as possible) to determine the recipes and styles that are the most popular. Keep it to about a dozen or so. Gain a reputation with those soaps and you can then expand as demand for the soap increases.

Remember that it is very hard to provide something for everyone...especially as a small home based business.

To provide variety, one option is to advertise some of the bars as 'special order'. Those would have a minimum order quantity, would be made as soon as an order was placed and then shipped upon completion of the cure time.

Good luck,

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