I am very new in making soap.
I dont scuseed all de time. Yesterday i made hot process soap and it looks like nothing. It was very olish and this morning is still not that hard.

My question is about the scent in de soaps.
All the soaps i made dont smell nice. They stink. The smell of the lye comes all the time first and than some reminders of the scenti used on the soap. I use a lot of scent but still ... the lye?

Could u help me with the scent, please.
And also if i add addictief like powder de soap becomes differennt and not like it is supose to be.

I do something wrong and i have no idea what?
I am dutch and hier they dont make soaps ... they use the ready melting soaps. So i need ur help.

I flow ur staps and i also measure the temperture (around 38-41 C) but something is not good. I used to much materials and still i have nothing that i could be "proud" with.

I hope to hear from you
Hilda Agopian


Perhaps check to make sure that the lye you are using is pure sodium hydroxide. The soap should not stink of lye once it is made. Once in a while I make a batch of soap that can have a bit of a chemical scent to start due to an additive I have added but that always goes away.

You should also check to make sure all the other ingredients are fresh, etc.

I don't know what you mean when you say the soap isn't how it is supposed to be when you add in powdered ingredients. Can you describe what about it that isn't right?


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