Scales for Soap Making

by Diane
(Cutler Bay, FL)

I have a very good, accurate digital postal scale but it will only weigh up to 10 pounds. Would I be able to use it? I would hate to have to buy another digital scale.

Thank you.

Diane L.


As long as the scale is accurate to the gram or 1/10 of an ounce, depending on what measurement you use, your scale should be just fine.

You would only need a really big scale if you where going to make very large soap batches.

All of my recipes are around 900 grams in total oil weight so lots of room there.


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by: Sri

Q1. I have added a gram more than the soap calc figures. Does this harm?

Q2. As i used more % of coconut oil, the cleansing measure of the soap is at 29. Can this soap be used or it needs to be discarded?

Scale Accuracy v Recipe Measures
by: Christine (UK)

I would like to try this 'test recipe' by Susan Miller Cavitch but get confused when I see recipes like the one below, as my scales measure to the nearest gram.

What type of scale would I need to get the following measures?

16.8 g sodium hydroxide
45.4 g distilled water
42.2 g olive oil
36.2 g coconut oil
42.2 g palm oil

My 2nd question is, can I round up/down to the gram? (i.e)

olive oil 42.2 g = 42 g


olive oil 42.5 g = 43 g

My 3rd question is would you always round the lye down at all times to avoid the soap becoming too lye heavy?

4th Q: What about the water? Which way would you go here?

Thank you for your help


I ran the recipe through SoapCalc and you can round up the lye to 17 grams...this will give you a 5% superfat. The water is fine at 45 grams and the rest of the ingredients you can round down to 42, 36, and 42.


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