Salt Layer in Soap

by Wendy

full log before cutting

full log before cutting

I recently followed a recipe to make soap with a layer of salt in the middle.

Now the soap isn't stuck together in the middle and where the salt is, it is cracked in half!

I feel like the whole log might be ruined! What do I do to fix this? I am so sad!!!

It looks like the salt in the middle is still wet. If I wait till the salt is dried, will it hold together? Or do I need to re-batch this?


Unfortunately, waiting for the salt to dry will not bond the layers together.

Essentially, the salt has created a barrier between the two layers, preventing them from sticking together.

In order for it too have worked, you needed much less salt...a sparse sprinkle only. The base soaps must meet in the middle in order to bond.

You can re-batch it but if it was me, I would rework it instead. I would dice or shred each colour. Then I would make a plain white batch of soap and split it into two equal parts.

To each half, I would add the shredded bits and mold each half into a seperate mold. On the top of each I would sprinkle some saved shreds and a bit of salt for sparkle.

This way you would get one loaf that is white with red bits and one loaf with green bits. Very pretty for Christmas.

Good luck,


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by: Anonymous

i tried this as well and it worked just fine with me but only when i pressed my salt into the fresh soap and did layers. soap , salt press, soap , salt , press repeat :) and i also with my MP mixed sea salt with some MP and pored it in quickly before it hardened and pretty much got a layer of sea salt in the middle just embedded in because my first try i simple poured the salt in and they did not bind. Hope this helps

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