Salt foot scrub bar

by Anonymous

I am wanting to make a cold process soap foot scrub bar with salt. I want it to be a coarse and exfoliating bar. What type and grade of salt do I use? When is the best time to add salt? How long do I wait to cut the soap? Thanks.


That sounds like a great idea! Try my Salt Soap Bar recipe but add an exfolient like pumice/poppy seeds/ground nut shells/etc. to the soap batter.

I use fine sea salt and add it when the soap has fully traced...after the scent and just before pouring.

You need to cut salt soaps as soon as possible because of the high content of coconut oil and the salt. Once the soap has gone through the gel phase, take the lid off and let it cool. Cut as soon as you can handle the soap...once it is firm enough to cut.

Good luck and happy soaping,

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Salt Soap Bar
by: Heavenly Scent Soaps

I'm going to try your recipe tonight! I've always wanted to try a Salt Soap Bar!


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