Salt Bar disaster!

by Jean
(Southern NM)

I attempted to make the salt bar, and it was very thick. After I added the EO, even thicker. I think I accidentally added less water. 10 hours later, I went to cut it, and it was hard & dry. I tried rebatching, adding even more water than I believe I missed, and some olive oil, but it would NOT melt (all that salt??). Is there anything that I can do with this crumbly mess? I really hate to throw it away)-:

Thanks for any help!


I don't think this is a recipe that would rebatch. Like you said...all that salt.

Not sure what you can do with it to be honest. It has a little too much of a superfat for use as laundry soap.

What about crumbling it up even more and using it as a bath soak? Throw in some botanicals like lavender and some baking soda to soften the water up.

Good luck,

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