RTCP steps and safety problems

by Whitney Faria
(American living in Brazil)

Hi I am trying to find more details on the Room Temperature process. I have never made soap before but I have been studying it for a few months now and it sounds like this process may be the most effective and easiest.

One question I have is, I read that you always pour the lye into the oil, but you said to add the liquid oils to your lye/water/solid oil mixture.. so is that correct I add the liquid oils to that solution or should i add the the lye/water/solid oil mixture to the liquid oils?

Second, after you finish and pour everything into the molds does it need to be insulated the same way as regular cold process soap??

Also are there things or problems to be aware of with this method, i have read that it can be more dangerous with creating lye pockets and such.. whats your intake?

Last thing.. whats the difference between the room temperature process and the process of heating the oils to melt and letting the oils and lye water sit until they are at room temperature and then mixing? thanks so much!


Question one. It is fine to add the liquid oils to the lye/water/hard oils mixture. As I said on the instruction page, you add the lye/water mixture to the hard oils. The heat of the lye melts the hard oils and then you add the liquid oils.

Question 2. Yes you insulate just as you would with regular cold process soap.

Question 3. I've never heard of nor had any problems with this method. To my knowledge it is no more at risk of problems than any other method.

Question 4. The only difference is the fact that you don't have to wait for the oils and lye solution to reach a certain temperature.

Hope that helps,

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