Residue-free soap?

by Emma Newman
(Birmingham, UK)

I want to make my own bar of soap for washing dreadlocks, but I don't know where to start. It has to be residue free - do you have any advice that you could offer?

Many thanks!
Emma Newman


Sorry but I don't know what type of soap would be appropriate for dreadlocks.

Often people complain about residue from shampoo bars but they tend to use a vinegar rinse to help reduce it.

I'm posting your question so others can contribute.

Good luck,

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Residue-free soap
by: Melanie

I grate my cp soap into boiling water and let it dissolve (about 10mins) then it is ready to use.

Another option
by: Ela

Another option to avoid residues is to use the foam insted if rubbing the soap/shampoo against the dreads. I use this trick when washing my hair, the results are better.

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