Replacing Olive Oil

by Tiffany

Is there an alternative for olive oil? Can I not use that, just be using palm and coconut, or not really, should use?

I'll be using your basic soap recipe.
Thanks so much!


There are many different oils that you can use in a soap recipe.

Visit the Soap Making Oils page to see a few of the choices you can use.

I've not completely replaced olive oil in a soap recipe since I find it readily available and I really like the resulting soaps I get from it.

You will have to experiment with different oils until you find what works for you.

I've noticed that many people have used soybean oil and safflower oil in their recipes either in combination or seperately to replace olive oil.

Just be sure to run your recipe through SoapCalc or other lye calculator before you make it so that you are working with the correct amounts of lye and oils.

Good luck,

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