Replacing canola

by Konstantina

Hello everyone. I am new in soap making and I find your site one of the most helpful. Now I have a problem.

I want to replace canola oil with sunflower or cocoa butter in a soap recipe. Can I do that or do I have to change the lye and water measures?

Thank you in advance


Yes you can replace one oil with another but you do have to run the recipe through a lye calculator to get the new amount of lye needed.

It is very important to learn how to use a lye calculator since you should be checking every recipe that you plan to make and anytime you want to make a change to a recipe, you will need to re-calculate the lye.

Lye calculators are really easy to use. Check out SoapCalc. It has an instruction page and clickable numbers in each area that give you more information.

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swtiching canola
by: Anonymous

google search soap making oil properties. Find where it lists the canola. Find out what oil properties this has and switch it for an oil with the same qualities. You could also search for oil saponification values and find the oil that matches exactly to the canola oil sap value and then you can replace it without running it through the lye calc. But it is always good to run all recipes through a lye calc and it is not hard to do once you have done it a few times.

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