Replace Water with Milk

by Anonymous

When using milk in a recipe for example, would I just replace the 7 ounces of water with 7 ounces of milk? Thank you so much, I love this site..


You certainly can.

One way to make a milk soap is to completely replace the water with milk. You then add the lye directly to the milk and continue as normal. Many people recommend freezing the milk first so you have a slushy mix...this is to prevent burning of the milk which can occur when the lye is added to it. This method will likely create a beige to brown to orange coloured soap. Depends on the milk and how hot the lye and milk mixture get.

Another method (the one I use) is to preplace one third to half the water with milk and hold it aside. Use the reduced water to mix the lye into and bring the soap to a thin trace. Once the soap has traced, add the slightly warmed milk to the soap. I like to sometimes add powdered milk to the liquid milk as well in order to make it a full milk soap. This method usually produces a creamy white to light beige bar.

As with all milk soaps, you have to watch the soap once it is in the mold. Milk soaps tend to heat up a lot and can volcano in the middle. Once the soap reaches a full gel you can open up the soap mold to cool it down.

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