Reducing PH level

by Anonymous

I find that after the curing period of 8 weeks when I use my natural soap it burns on certain parts of the body. I had the same problem with natural soap I purchased. How do I get a milder soap or one that does not burn after the curing period?


Some people are extra sensitive to soap...specifically soap that contains coconut oil, palm oil, scents and sythetic colours. You could very well be one of those people.

I would suggest making a castile soap (100% olive oil based soap) to see if your skin reacts to that.

If you're fine with that, you could then try adding in other oils in small amounts.

Certainly stay away from colourants and scents in your soap if your skin is that sensative. You could probably use calendula petals, oatmeal, etc. to colour your soaps if you wanted.

If the castile soap doesn't work for you then I would suggest seeing a dermatologist.


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