Red palm oil vs palm oil

by Mary P
(Dallas Texas)

I have a recipe that calls for 'palm oil'. I found Red Palm oil (liquid) and Palm oil that is semi solid in a long neck plastic bottle (odd to me). Both were from International food markets. Can they be used interchangeably?


I use red palm oil in recipes that call for regular palm palm without any problem. The oils have the same SAP value and fatty acid makeup.

My red palm oil is solid but since it is summer, that could be why yours is liquid. My large buckets of regular palm oil sometimes become a bit sloppy in the summer time.

I would do a test batch with the oils just to be sure. Be aware that the red palm oil can add a yellow - orange hue to the bars of soap depending on how much you use. I like to use it as a natural colourant.

Good luck,

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