Recipe for laundry soap.

by Lisa

I Love this laundry soap! I found this one on line. Since my first batch I will not use anything else! I have been using this recipe for about 2-3yrs now.

Awesome as an everything cleaner too! I use it every where. This one will take grease stains out! It can be a bit drying on the hands, I don't, but you could wear gloves. Well here it is.....

Grandma Herald's Laundry bar Soap
8lb batch
64oz lard
8oz sugar
4oz borax
8oz ammonia
32oz water (I like rain)
12oz lye

1. Combine water and lye, set aside till cold.
2. Melt lard and cool to 95-98F.
3. Combine sugar and borax then add to melted lard. Stir well.
4. Add ammonia stir well again.
5. Add lye/water mix to oil will turn pink then thicken.
6. Pour into mold no need wrap mold.
7. Unwrap and cut 18-24 hrs later.

You can add E.O's but I don't. I really like the lemony fresh scent it has after curing. It can burn your scents. The ammonia smell will leave.

After cure, grate, then use food processor only for soap after use to pulverize into tiny bits.

I add 1-2 Tablespoons to my front load washer directly....with the clothes. I also use around the house and awesome on grease stains I apply directly then wash.


Thank you so much for sharing!! This looks like a wonderful recipe to try.


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