Recipe for a white bar of soap without lard or tallow?

by Leslie Montgomery
(Caledon, Ontario. Canada)

I would like a recipe for a white bar of soap that doesn't contain lard or tallow. Is there such a recipe. I would also like to add a bit caster or Shea butter if possible. Thank you. Leslie Montgomery.


Simply use ingredients that are as white as possible.

For example, try using 30% Coconut oil, 40% olive oil(not extra virgin or pomace), 25% shea butter and 5% castor oil.

You'll need to run the recipe through a lye calculator to get the amounts of water and lye needed but this recipe should yield a fairly white bar of soap.

Remember that the scent you use will also colour the soap. If you want to make it even whiter, try adding titanium dioxide or white mica to the base as well.

Good luck,

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