Rebatching single oil soap

by Marthie
(Centurion, South Africa)

If I make soaps from different fats, in a specific ratio, would I get the same result if I make those same fats into soaps (having) 100% of each fats and then rebatching in the same ratio as the original batch of soap?

I ask because I have made an awesome batch of coconut soap, and though it has neutral pH it is extremely drying on the skin.

I would love to enhance it with something else. Superfatting with Olive oil did not change much.

Everything else was great..trace good, nice firm bars super fluffy fine foam, and nice clean smell even without any essential oils.

Please help.


If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if you can break the soap formula into single oil soaps and rebatch them? And if this will correct the drying issue?

Some people are sensitive to coconut oil and it can be drying to the skin.

If your soap has cured, rebatching it will not change how the soap works on your skin and making single oil soaps and combining them by rebatching them together will likely have the same result.

As I don't know your formula, I can only suggest making a soap with less coconut oil and with a superfat of 7%. Do skin tests with all of the oils you use in your formula and make sure they are suitable for your skin.

Check out my page on soap making oils and scroll down to the heading "formulating a recipe". The information there should help you.

If you really want to use a high percentage of coconut oil in your recipe and you are not sensitive to it, you will need to increase the superfat considerably. Check out my Saltwater Suds recipe. It has 70% coconut oil but has a superfat of 15%.

Hope that helps,


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Rebatching single oil soaps.
by: Anonymous

Yip, I think you understood correctly. I know I am not allergic to coconut oil, as I have been using the neat oil on my skin for a while now. I am going to try my theory. Will make a batch with only sweet almond oil and maybe avo or something really soft on the skin, and see what happens with the rebatch, mixing it 30:70 with Coconut batch and then superfatting. I will let you know

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