Rebatched soap preservative

by Maxine

Can I preserve my rebatched butter milk soap with orris root powder or is it ok to use tea tree oil?


Neither orris root powder or tea tree oil are effective to use as a preservative in handmade soaps.

Usually rebatched soap doesn't need to have a preservative added unless you add ingredients that can spoil.

If the soap was originally made with the buttermilk it should be fine but if you are adding the buttermilk during the rebatch process then you will need a preservative.

I did a quick search and found that Germaben II can be used in melt and pour soap so maybe you could try using it to help preserve the buttermilk in your rebatched soap.

Be aware that it needs to be added at temperatures below 140°F and in quantities of 0.3 - 1%.

I would suggest talking to a supplier as well to see what your options are.


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