Rebatched soap in prolonged gel phase

by NA
(India, Mumbai)

Soap in gel phase

Soap in gel phase

Hi. I rebatched some soap about 4 days ago, but it still hasn't set, and appears to be in a thick gel stage.

I tried freezing it, but it just melted back after an hour of being out of the fridge.

What should I do to make it set? Thanks...


Looking at your picture I'm wondering if you rebatched cold process soap or melt and pour soap.

Melt and pour soap isn't made to be remelted. As far as I know, it's only supposed to be melted once.

Cold process soap rebatches quite well and sets up very quickly. If this is the type of soap you used, it sounds like you might have added too much liquid to your soap during the rebatching process.

You could try gently cooking it to evaporate more of the liquid you added but it may take a very long time to evaporate enough of it.

The other option is to just use it as a soft soap. I am unaware of any other way to harden the soap up....sorry.

Good luck,

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by: Anonymous

Cut it and set it to dry, it will take 4-6 weeks but it will harden.

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