Rebatch 3rd time?

by Pina
(Lafayette, IN, USA)

I have made about 5 batches of soap all of which turned out satisfactory. The next bacth, I made with base ingredients but wanted to split the batch in half to add different essential oils to each half. So one half turned out fine and I am happy with the results. The other half turned out soft. So for the first time I tried rebatching it. And it still turned out soft (kinda rubbery). I am thinking of rebatching it a 3rd time and wondered what I should do differently to get a harder soap? To rebatch, I followed instructions given on the following page:

I am also wanting to rebatch the half that turned out fine to put it into a different mold.


Rebatched soap tends to be softer than regular CP or hot process soap simply because of the extra liquids you add to it during the melting process.

In order for the soap to become harder, you will have to let it cure for a few weeks.

Beeswax and stearic acid are often used to harden a CP or hot process soap recipe but I'm not sure you can get the rebatched soap batter hot enough to incorporate the melted beeswax or stearic acid since their melting points are extremely high.

Unfortunately, I don't know of anything else you could do during the process to make the soap harder.

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