Real lemon juice in soap?

by Anonymous

Hello. I barely received my first order of shea butter melt & pour soap, and i wanted to test it out, so i melted a little cube of soap and i aded 3 lemons juice the lemon juice was more than the soap, but i realize it has taken forever to dry it just looks gooy right now. Does this mean their should be more soap to whats going in it? And i also read you can either put it in the fridge or outside counter. Thank you. :)


Melt and pour soap can only take a small percentage of additives. Usually those additives will consist of other oils, powders or fragrance. I am not sure what the result will be when using real lemon juice in melt and pour soap base. You have definitely added too much of it and I don't think the soap will harden up for you.

Perhaps next time try adding in lemon zest rather than lemon juice.

Melt and pour soap will harden on it's own right on the counter. You do not need to place it in the fridge.


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Lemon/Lime juice in hot process
by: Jacqueline

I am wondering I can add lemon or lime juice after the hot process soap has finished cooking. Since there should be no more lye would it affect the ph? Would the soap hold any scent?

Lemon Juice in soap
by: Habibah

I make all of my soaps: laundry, bath, shampoo and dish shop. I have always added lemon juice to hot and cold process without ill effects.

lemon juice can destroy soap
by: Anonymous

Recently I was experimenting with lemon juice trying to reduce a little bit ph in my soap. I used phenolphthalein and red cabbage as ph indicators just to have an idea what was going on. I notice that adding a certain quantity of lemon juice soap's ph turn to acid and I had NO MORE SOAP.

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