Questions about soap colors.

by Leslie
(Davenport, Iowa)

I just finished making my first batch of soap ever.

I used the room temp method and I actually think it may have turned out. The only problem I had is with the color!

I bought color drops from the craft store. I wanted my soap to be turquoise but it just turned out pea green.

What should I use to get it to be a good turquoise color? I also was thinking of trying the turquoise with a brown. What can I use to get those 2 colors?

Your site has been so helpful! I was so scared to start my first soap but your site answered all my questions! Thanks so much.


Congratulations on your first batch of soap!!!

Colouring soap takes a bit of practice and lots of notes. I still refer to my notes to see how much colour I need to achieve a certain shade or tone.

Brown is an easy colour to make...cocoa powder, coffee, spices, clays are just a natural few choices.

For turquoise I would use a mix of 2 parts white mica, 1 part hydrated chromium green oxide and 1 part ultramarine blue.

Your soap probably turned out pea green because you needed to add much more colour. Blue mixed with the natural yellow shade of the base soap would result in a green. You need to compensate with more blue colourant.

Here are a couple of links to check out about colouring soaps.

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Other readers have asked a few questions about using micas as are links to them.

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Good luck,

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