Printer- friendly instructions?

by Anonymous

I am still in the research phase (a.k.a. read every piece of anything I can find on the topic), and as far as online sources go, I like this site the best so far!

That being said, when creating something new, I like to have instructions right under my nose so I can reference them as I work.

I don't want to have to write it up and type it up-- I want to print it if I can and I don't want to print all the beautiful pictures and side links and advertisements, etc.

I don't see a "printer friendly" button anywhere.

Do you have such a thing available so that we newbies can print off your wonderful directions? Highlighting a "selection" doesn't work...


Sorry but I do not have a printer friendly button.

If I get the time in the future, I will attempt to add one.

Until then, you could try to copy and paste the information to a word document if you require printed instructions without the pictures, etc.


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