Plastic Soap Molds

by Anonymous

First of all, please let me congratulate you for your website. It has inspired me to give soap making a try and I can't wait to get going. I have a couple of questions:

Can I use a plastic container as a mould for my soaps? And if so, do I need to line it with grease proof paper?

Also is the room temperature method safe and suitable for all types of soaps?

Thank you so much!!!!


Plastic containers can be used as moulds for handmade soaps but it is best to line them with plastic wrap or butchers paper since it can be very difficult to remove the soap otherwise. I also find that plastic moulds seem to require more insulation (more blankets) than wooden moulds. The plastic doesn't hold the heat in as much as the wood does.

The room temperature soap method is suitable for most cold process soap making recipes. Recipes containing waxes should use the cold process method instead since the heat of the lye will not likely be hot enough to melt the wax properly.


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by: Anonymous

Thanks Cathy and Kerrie!!!

Can I just ask if I could warm the beeswax in a double boiler and add it to the hard oils (or soft) for the room temperature method?


I do not suggest trying to use beeswax with the room temperature method. The wax requires really hot temperatures to melt and as soon as you add it to the room temperature hard oils the wax will solidify again.


Plastic soap moulds & room temp method
by: Kerrie

I agree with Cathy, I find the plastic moulds dont hold the heat like the wood moulds. I haven't lined them with anything and if they are a bit difficult to remove i put them in the freezer for a little while and then they pop out easily.
With my large log mould which is plastic usually takes longer to be ready than the wooden ones.

I use the room temperature method for almsost all of my soaps except the ones containing wax.
Once again Cathy, thanks for this site.

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