Plastic or paper

by Melissa

My husband and I have been trying to decide what the best way to package our soap. We take it to the craft fairs so it does face a lot of climate issues and we always notice people wiping their fingers or hands after smelling the soaps

Is it best to completely wrap in plastic, shrink wrap sleeves (with open ends), or paper or tissue paper.


Sorry but there isn't a "best way". All are valid options and all have their positive and negative aspects.

Soap completely wrapped in plastic is protected from the elements but is difficult for the customer to smell and if it doesn't have venting it can retain moisture that would normally be leaving the soap. This may cause sweating in the packaging.

Shrinkwrap sleeves protect the soap from fingers and allow for scent smelling. They also allow for venting but as the soap shrinks the wrappers begin to loosen and can look messy.

Paper labels act the same as shrinkwrap sleeves but they also tend to get dirty after much handling.

Tissue allows for scent smelling and is thin enough to breath so venting isn't an issue but again the soap shrinks and the tissue becomes loose. You also need to be careful of coloured tissue as the colour sometimes transfers to the soap leaving stain marks.

As you can see, each has some good aspects and some not so good. My best advice is whatever option you choose, don't wrap all the soap at once. Only wrap a bit more than what you think you will sell. That way the wrappers are fresh and neat looking each market day.

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by: Anonymous

I use netting made with my serger for every bar and it works great.

Plastic or Paper
by: Heavenly Scent Soaps

A couple of years ago, I bought a shrink wrap system from National Shrink Wrap. It was one of the best investments that I made (for my soaping business). They have a perforated shrink wrap that allows the soap to breathe and the fragrance to come through. AND, they now have "Biolyfin" which is bio-degradable.

And, if the wrap does get a little loose, I just tighten it up with the heat gun.

by: Melissa

I was wandering if you could do that. Thanks for the input

loose shrink wrap sleeves
by: Anonymous

If your shrink wrap sleeves become loose, Just reheat them and they will be good to go again. :)

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