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by Katrina


I've contacted you before and you were very helpful, so thank you for that.

Now I have another question about some packaging. We do a lovely soap in the shape of a wave but people don't seem to buy this shape very much.
I have been thinking about it and I think we are not packaging it well enough to show off the shape properly. Right now it's packed in a see through cellophane bag closed with raffia.

Can you suggest anything else. I've been researching on the net but so far have not come up with anything.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Katrina from France


Since we don't have a picture to work from, I'm going to guess that the soap has a rectangular shaped bottom and the top of the soap has a wave like curl to it...if this is not the case, could you please send in a picture?

For the shape I have described, the cellophane would gather at the top of the soap and obscure the 'wave' shape.

To show off the wave shape, you could create a paper or cardstock sleeve that the soaps bottom sits in. This leaves the wave portion unwrapped while providing an area for the soaps information and something to hold onto when lifting the soap.

Other options could be the cardboard jewelry type box with a clear lid or the completely clear boxes. These options are quite expensive unfortunately.

With your cellophane bags, you could try instead of securing the bag with raffia, folding the cellophane bag down neatly and stapling a folded cardstock label over the cellophane fold. This option is much cheaper and already fits in with what you are currently doing.

Good luck,

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