by Cassie
(London, KY, USA)

Your site is wonderful, but now I have become more overwhelmed and nervous about making my own soap than ever. I was going to make a basic lye/lard soap. I have been purchasing it and feel it would be more productive and beneficial to make my own.

I started searching the net because I was trying to find out if "lard" that I find in the baking isle at the grocery is ok to use. Then I started finding recipes for lye soap that have other oils and lye calculators and became confused and unsure of myself... I have a basic recipe that a woman at a "museum" sent me that she uses (it's a pioneer settlement that children in school tour). I wanted to add essential oils to my soap eventually. The basic lye and lard soap is what is working to keep my skin clear of acne.

Ugh...and cold and hot processes...I'm excited to get started...just overwhelmed.


It can be a bit overwhelming. Just try to keep it simple and go slow.

The lard you get in the grocery store is exactly the type of lard you can use to make soap.

Good luck,

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