One color encased in another color?

by Keya
(Gainesville fl)

Please tell me how to make a soap that looks like a peppermint patty. I actually want a chocolate raspberry but I want the inside one color with the outside of the loaf to be a different solid color. As if it should be one solid color but a suprise interior color/flavor.

Thanks so much, I know its a pouring thing but a little direction would be great!


It's a fantastic idea but I'm not sure how you would do this with a cold process soap base.

You could try pouring a layer of chocolate soap then pour the raspberry center and then finish with another layer of chocolate but I'm not sure about how to add sides to the soap.

I've not done it myself but you could try slicing a thin layer off of each side of the soap loaf (not the top or bottom) once it has been unmolded. Put it back into the lined mold and pour more chocolate soap over and around the raspberry soap. This would provide the sides of the "chocolate" bar. Not sure how well the chocolate soap will adhere but it might be worth a try.


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peppermint patty
by: Keya

Now that I have had time to run it through my winding mind . I think I got it! Id have to double mold it a pvc pipe 2inc and a 3.5 mold first Id pour my chocolate for solid bottom then Id pour my 3.5chocolate color and then pour the rasberry in the middle fill it up and pull up/out the 2inch pipe cover the end with the chocolate ???? anybody got any ideas on that? anybody ever tried that it in therory should work, simple displacement anybody tried that?

peppermint patty soap
by: Anonymous

you could try an upright mold, even a milk carton.. with a very thin traced soap pour it through a funnel, one colour after another, so you have circles of colour.

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