Olive Pomace Oil vs Olive Oil

by Miriam Fields
(Houston, TX)

I've been using Olive Pomace Oil instead of Olive Oil in my soap recipes, because I read that Pomace Oil has a higher concentration of unsaponifiables. If I switch to Grade A or B Olive Oil will there be any discernible difference in my end product?


Pomace oil does contain a higher percentage of unsaponifiables. This refers to the parts of the oil that will not turn into soap. Since pomace is the last pressing of the olive it contains quite a bit of the actual olive flesh. That is the 'cloudyness' you will see when you pour the oil.

Grade A or B will produce a whiter soap (as long as the oil is a golden colour and not green) and will not contain as much of the 'cloud'. Pomace oil also traces much faster than the other grades.


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