Oily Goats Milk Soap

by Sandy

I've made several batches of soap using powdered goat milk and they all turn out the same.

They look good except they turn out oily. Inside and out. Not a runny oil, just a film.

When they are curing, the oiliness seems to dry up on the outside but then the soap takes on a very grainy appearance.

I have used the same recipes with goat milk and without. The batches I make without goat milk powder turn out fine.

I add the goat milk powder in at light trace. (4oz for 90ozs of oil and 34.2ozs of water/temperature around 100)

I have mixed with some of the water. I mixed it with some of the oil. I mixed it dry at trace. It all turns out the same!

Up till now I have insulated my soap and it goes through the gel stage. I'm thinking now I have overheating issues and getting some separation as a result.

Could this be my problem? PLEASE HELP!!! Today I tried a batch using canned goat milk without insulation. We'll see....



Couple of things I would look to...

Make sure that you are not using too much goat's milk powder. Remember that goat's milk contains quite a bit of fat so too much will create an excess of fat in your soap. Check that your super fat isn't too high and reduce it if necessary.

To prevent overheating, either do not insulate the soap or, when it is insulating, keep an eye on it until it has gelled and then take the insulation completely off so that the soap can cool down without overheating.

Another option is to place your soap in the fridge after pouring it. This should prevent the soap from gelling, thereby ensuring it does not overheat.

When I add goat's milk or coconut milk to a soap, I prefer adding it at a light trace.

I reserve some of the water meant for the lye and use it to make a slurry with the milk powder. I mix it until it is quite creamy...heating it a bit helps. Once my soap has reached a trace, I add the milk slurry into the soap and continue to blend until the milk is fully incorporated.

I still insulate the soap but I keep an eye on it like I've mentioned above and take it off as soon as it has gelled.

Good luck,

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