No insulation?! Help!

I made my first batch of soap and completely forgot to wrap in a blanket. 2 days later and my soap seems really soft-- normal? What should I do?

Thanks so much


Sounds like the soap did not gel. I would give it a couple of weeks to see if it hardens up. There is nothing wrong with non gelled soap but it will take longer to harden.


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No insulation.
by: laurie

I have been making room temp soap, and sometimes I don't seem to have gelled either. I have a very hot attic, I put it up there for a day, check it, loosen it from the mold a little if it will, leave and check every half day to see if it is ready to be un molded, than I prepare it for curing ie put it in the box with the most available sides to cure and rotate the soap to different sides daily. Sometimes it takes a week, but it seems to work a lot better then waiting, or hoping my home temperature is good for soap. Since the mold are usually unavailable for a few days, I Had to order and make extra molds.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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