New to soap making

by Kelly
(Northborough, mA)

Hi There!

I am thinking of making the room temp soap. Is it true that i can add goat's milk-same amount- to replace the water in any soap recipe?


Yes, you can replace the water with goat's milk but you will have to be careful since the lye solution can burn the milk.

I would suggest getting used to making soap before attempting goat's milk soap since it can be a little tricky.

One method of making goat's milk soap is to use milk that has been frozen and is in a 'slushy' state. You then add the lye beads to the slushy milk. I would not recommend this method for room temperature soap making.

Another method of making goat's milk soap is to divide the water into half and substitute goat's milk fortified with powdered goat's milk for one half of the liquid. For example...if your recipe calls for 200 grams of water, use 100 grams water and 100 grams of goat's milk that has extra goat's milk powder added to it.

Add the lye beads to the 100 grams of water and proceed with the soap making process. Once the soap reaches a light trace add the fortified goat's milk and bring the soap to a full trace.

I do not know how well this method will work with the room temperature method of soap making simply because I have not tried it but I would imagine it to work fine.

Good luck and have fun learning how to make soap,

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