Need fresh goats milk soap recipes

by Aline

I have lots of fresh goats milk and can't find a soap recipe.

All the recipes I have found are made with powdered goats milk.

Does anybody know a good recipe?

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Goats milk soap
by: Steph

Hi you could try the recipe that I made to begin with, it doesn't use many ingredients and they are easy to find.

255g Coconut oil
595 Olive oil
255g Goats Milk
116 Lye

It says to heat the Coconut oil in a microwave so it's liquid then add the Olive oil. Freeze the Goats milk before hand and mix the frozen Goats milk with the lye. Once the lye as dissolved with the Goats milk then just add to the oils and mix well.
You can add any essential oils as you like into the oil/lye mixture.

Goat's Milk recipe
by: Anonymous

Hello, you can replace part of the water in your recipe with fresh goats milk. I would run it through a lye calculator to ensure you have the correct amount of lye. I have done it using 9% goats milk and had success. The milk can burn when mixed with the lye so you might either freeze it first or add it when you combine the oils with the water/lye mixture.

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