Need a good goats milk soap recipe that lathers great

by Anonymous

My lover died 6 years ago and when he did along went our goats milk soap recipe .

I make soap for family and friends or used to. Am wanting to again as I dont drink all the milk the goats give.

Can someone please help and maybe someone has his recipe. His name was Vance he was from MN.

If you have answers or info you can always send it to


It sounds like a long shot but I'll post your request just in case someone is able to help you.


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instructions for Nikki's soap wrap
by: Ro

Is it possible to get instructions for Nikki Hoefer soap wrap. They are both beautiful & colorful and I would very much love instructions. Thanks Ro


You would have to ask Nikki herself as I don't have them. It shouldn't be too hard to do mind you...just beautiful paper and a bit of creative folding. Glue on a decorative flower and there you go.

I would practice with plain paper to start so that you don't waste the expensive stuff.

Good luck,

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