Natural Sunscreen

by Rebecca
(New Mexico, USA)

First of all - your site is wonderful! I am new to the soap making world and am trying to start a small business. I have gotten such great advice from your site. - Thank you very much for sharing.

This might be a strange question for a soap site - but here goes. Do you know of a natural sunscreen that can be used in homemade lip balms?


Hi Rebecca,

Yes, there are natural sunscreen ingredients that you can add to lip balms. Keep in mind that this isn't my specialty but here's what I do know....

Rice bran oil, hazelnut oil and camellia oil all have some sunscreening properties.

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide will also work well to block the suns harmful rays.

I'm not sure how much protection any of these ingredients provide but any is better than none.

Unfortunately you need to be aware that you will not be able to advertise any products you make as having any sunscreen protection. Such a claim would take your product out of the cosmetic catagory and into the drug catagory which would need FDA approval. Definately not a headache any small business needs!

Have fun and good luck,

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Mixing Titanium Dioxide
by: Rebecca

I tried adding titanium dioxide into mt lip balm and it just settled to the bottom of the pan. Is there a trick to incorporating it into the oil mixture? I even mixed with a whisk continuously and it still settled in the bottom of the pan. Any advise would be appreciated.

by: Barbara

I am in LOVE with Camellia oil! What wonderful recipes Cathy has on this site that includes this precious gift. Camellia oil has a little sunscreen protection, but again, you can't make those claims without FDA approval or significant cost in testing for approval.

Good luck!

Thank you!
by: Rebecca

Thank you for your help-I could not think of any except Zinc Oxide and I appreciate the heads up on the labeling!

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